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Help with the RDS Photo Catalogue

  1. Browse the Collections
    Use the browse option for viewing items in a collection without specifying search criteria.

  3. Keyword Search
    This is a general keyword search that searches the information within the title of each image. For a complete search of all the information held within RDS Photos Online users should use the Advanced Search.

  5. Advanced Search
    Advanced search allows users to limit their search to specific fields within the database. Users can also build a search by using the search fields in combination with each other.
    1. Select Catalogue
      At present RDS Photos Online contains only images from the Maymes Ansell Horse Show Archive. However, other collections will be added as they are digitized and it will be possible to limit your search by choosing from a drop down menu of collections.
    2. Enter Competition Name Keyword
      This search function allows users to search for the name of a specific competition. For example: Nations' Cup, Puissance, Breeders' Championship, etc.
    3. Enter Competition Entry Number Keyword
      If a user knows the Horse Show entry number for a horse they can search for it here. Entry numbers are reused each year therefore this keyword search must be used with the Year search function.
    4. Enter Person Name Keyword
      This field can be used to search for a specific person's name, such as the name of a rider e.g. Con Power.
    5. Enter Year
      To limit a search to a specific year enter the year here. N.B. entering a year along with using another search term will help to refine and reduce the amount of results returned.
    6. Enter Horse Name Keyword
      If Users know the name of a specific horse they can enter the horses name here and search.

  7. Shopping Cart
    If a user wishes to purchase an image they must first add the image to their shopping cart by clicking on the "Add to Cart" icon.

    Once they have finished selecting the images they wish to purchase they click on the "View Cart" button on the top of the page. Here they can view the list of images they have selected to purchase. At this point users may increase or decrease the quantity of images they wish to purchase by editing the number in the "Quantity" field and clicking on the "Update" button. If they wish to remove an image from their shopping cart they can edit the quantity to zero and click the "Update" button.

    Users must also select 1 of 2 options:

    1. I want to download images direct to my PC
    2. I want images shipped to me on CD-ROM

    If users select the first option they will be asked for their billing information and once this has been processed the images will be available for download.

    If users select the second option they will be asked for their billing information and a shipping address. Once the payment has been processed a CD-ROM of their images will be shipped to them.


  9. Help Us
    RDS Photos Online contains thousands of images of unidentified people (and in some cases Horses). When these images were taken the photographer did not record who the subjects of the photograph were. If you know any unidentified person in RDS Photos Online we would appreciate if you shared your information with us. Please contact us via email at senan.healy@rds.ie and remember to reference the identifier for the image e.g DHS/1987/C/241 so that we can match your information to the correct image.